"The Wise Man", oil on canvas, not for sale


I use oil paint to add additional dimension and depth to the digital collages I create in addition to more figurative pieces that are also influenced by photography and my background in mixed media.  Most of my digital work can also be commissioned as an original oil painting and approximate pricing is below.  For a more personalized quote that includes shipping please contact me.


"Creation",   oil on canvas , 50 x 80 cm,  € 800

"Ecstasy", oil on canvas , 50 x 80 cm,  € 800

"True Human",   oil on canvas , 100 x 1200  cm,  € 1600

"Monk in the Garden",   oil  on canvas , 60 x 80 cm,  € 850

"Elemental" ,   oil on canvas , 60 x 80 cm, € 750