I am a musician, social worker, artist and world traveller .  I first started drumming when I was 14 and haven’t stopped since. I finished my social work training in 1989 and then decided to enroll in art school. I received my degree in Mixed Media from the Academy of Arts in Enschede, NL in 1993 where I first started experimenting with layering and collage which laid the foundation for my artistic practice today. Throughout my education I was an active and successful musician, playing in different bands that experimented with various musical styles such as African rhythms. This early success paved the way for my life-long career as a musician, first as a drummer and then as a Hang player, which allowed me to create art as a true passion.  My love of traditional African music led me to travel and open up to other cultures and influences which in turn continually inspired my art and music.  It was during one of these travels to India that I encountered Human Design which began my lifelong study and practice of this esoteric system which has dramatically improved mine and other’s lifes for the better. Travel is also how I met other talented musicians who I collaborated with and inspired me to found the world music band Yamboa which is strongly rooted in African and Latin-American rhythms blended with modern percussion beats. I have always followed my heart and my inner compass in life which has helped me to understand my Authentic Self and led me to fully explore my inspirations and purpose.  What I create and offer, whether it is a Human Design reading or painting, is influenced by all of these aspects of myself which I hope will inspire and help those I encounter on my travels and journey through life.