I first encountered Human Design in 1999 while travelling in India where I met one of the earliest students of Ra Uru Hu (Alan Robert Krakower), the founder of Human Design. I was amazed that this stranger I had just met could describe me so accurately with very little information. His advice helped me to understand who I really am and how to live “according to my design”.  It helped me re-evaluate my approach to life and make changes so that my quality of life was better and was more in line with my strengths and purpose. As a result, I became fascinated with this system and spent the next 20 years studying directly from Ra Uru Hu’s teachings and those of his students.


In my readings I use my skills as a social worker and therapist, my understanding of Human Design and my intuition to explain your particular design and different strategies that work best for your constellation in order to better live out your true purpose with ease. The readings are offered virtually or in person for €65/hour and include your personal chart.



What is Human Design?


The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences which can offer profound insights into your psychology and provides specific strategies and techniques for making the right decisions for your design in order to lead a life with ease and fulfillment.  It is not built on belief or faith, but is a logical, empirical system that allows you to discover your true nature and what makes you unique. Once you start experimenting with this knowledge and applying it to your daily life, you may experience changes in your perspective as you move towards living authentically. When we are living in accordance with our true nature, we feel a sense of peace, satisfaction and success and move away from resistance which is experienced in the form of anger, frustration or bitterness which is the end result.




James Aplington:  "I will never forget the great session I had with you in Thailand about 2014 Such stellar knowledge, stays with me to this day I am a manifestos /generator .. .......and I approve of this message"

Susan Rutherford: "Frits van der Lee's reading gave me some great insights about me, my relationship with my husband and my son. Really helpful to have the context of human design to stop judging yourself and to understand the best way to move through life, make decisions, etc."

April Ananda Matin:  "100 percent recommendation from me! This reading was spot on - really blew my mind actually - like seeing the best psychic ever which was completely unexpected and fantastic"

Monique van Doorn: "Bij jou in Enschede, kun je jou Human Design ontdekken, leer jezelf nog beter kennen, erg interessant en heel duidelijk uitgelegd door Frits. Kan het je aanraden!"



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