My primary influence as a percussionist has been traditional African music which I have studied and played for the last 30 years.  My love of African music led me to travel to Senegal, Gambia and  Guinea to learn how to play instruments such as Djembe, Doun Doun, Balaphone and Kalimba and incorporate them in my music and collaborations with other artists.  Like my art, my music is heavily inspired by my world travels and the artists I meet and collaborate with along the way.  Each of my three albums is a collection of these collaborations and are arranged by tempo and mood.


Relaxing world music with hang, djembee, sopranosax, alt sax, balafon, marimba, kalimba, sangbang, drumkit, psalter, guitar, tablas and shakers.

Uptempo worldmusic with didgeridoo, hang, djembe, drumkit, shaker,

djun djun, cajon, kalimba and sabang.

Ambient music with hang ,  didgeridoo,  guitar, djembee, vocals,  handsonic and drumkit.

My albums are available in CD, USB, or Direct Download format and can be shipped globally. Prices without shipping are below. Shipping costs are depending on chosen format, weight and place of destination. 


Music from Yamboa Price
1 CD ( 1 Album) € 10
1 USB (3 Albums) € 20
1 Direct Download (1 Album) € 10

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